Xenophobic attacks: South Africans beg Nigeria, may pay compensation


South Africa has mounted a strong diplomatic offensive to reconcile with Nigeria and some other African countries affected by recent xenophobic attacks in the country.

South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa,bead roundly booed on Saturday as he delivered a speech at the funeral of Zimbabwe’s former president,Robert Mugabe, in Harare.

Though he apologised for the attacks, he was repeatedly booed.

On Sunday, he dispatched a high-profile delegation to Nigeria and several other African countries to seek the restoration of fractured ties.

The delegation led by former Minister Jeff Radeba, left South Africa on Saturday and is scheduled to visit Nigeria, Niger, Ghana, Senegal, Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Zambia, the president announced on Sunday.

This followed moves by some African nations to isolate South Africa after its leadership appeared unapologetic over the attacks, which specifically targeted Black Africans.

There were also indications on Monday that the South African government might pay compensation to fireigb rs affected by the attacks.

Nigeria has already begun the evacuation of her citizens.

Zimbabwe, Zambia,Rwanda,DRC, Namibia and Botswana have asked their citizens to leave South Africa, following attacks by Blacks claiming that foreigners were taking jobs away from them.

On Sunday, South Africans held a street rally, in which they begged foreigners not to leave their country.



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