Wilson Ileogben’s manual for purposeful living out


The Perfect Plan (Gatekeepers Music, Lagos, 2016) by Wilson Ileogben is a blend of Christian fiction and non-fictional book. Only two of its chapters (chapter eleven and twelve) are non-fictional. The author addresses a variety of issues that ‘shed light’ and provide answers to some of the questions and struggles most people have in their hearts. Issues like family, bitterness, career, religion, deception, jealousy, love and habits are some of the major topics of focus.
As a Christian, the author uses the holy book to back up some of the moral problems addressed in the book. The Perfect Plan seeks to correct some of society’s ills. The book has been designed to serve people in various aspects of life. It focuses on families, individuals, youths, professionals, parents, artisans, etc.
The author, Ileogben, is a creative thinker who uses diverse life encounters to relay on God’s essence.

The fictional aspect of the book, which covers the first 10 chapters, addresses the problems encountered due to lack of adherence to reliable principles set by older generations.
As he puts it, “Each chapter is connected to every other chapter with a lot of suspense. Although it has a religious undertone, everyone can identify with the story and message of the book. It covers areas that people talk about on daily basis like careers, scheming and political offices, betrayal, family values, family issues, upbringing, love and so on.”
The non-fictional part of the book, on the other hand, is incorporated by Ileogben to address some issues relating to emotions. He also uses the book as a platform to encourage people in making right decisions. In these two chapters, the author addresses topics on revenge, friendship, offence, family life, determination, pacesetting, safety, and so on. He goes ahead to reveal ‘Gods perfect plan’ for all.
And he writes, “Although words are powerful, do not let those discouraging words spoken to you control your life. Instead, you should start speaking words of power into your life like God did in the beginning.”
According to the author, spoken words have the power to either make or break the spirit of individuals. In living out God’s pre-planned purpose, people are encouraged by the author to speak with caution.
The Perfect Plan is an empowering, spirit-lifting book that is easy to read and grasp. There are diverse lessons that can be learnt from the book, if put to proper use.
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