Why I stopped  going to Abuja, by Wike


Rivers State Governor, Nyesom WikeRivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike has explained that he stopped going to Abuja in the last four months due to the ‘excessive prevalence of lies’ at the Federal Capital.
Speaking while flagging-off the second phase of the reconstruction of Port Harcourt township roads, the governor said,  “The Federal Capital Capital has been enmeshed in political falsehood and deception, which negatively impacts on development.”
According to him, “I have not travelled to Abuja for more than four months because it is a centre of lies. Let them continue to lie in Abuja.“As they suffer economic downturn in Abuja, we shall continue to make progress in Rivers. They lie too much in Abuja, so there is no reason to listen to them. Here, we make promises and we keep to our promises.”

The governor also explained that the second phase of the reconstruction/rehabilitation of Port Harcourt township roads would enhance the economy of the densely populated areas.
He noted that his administration contracted Julius Berger Construction Company for the second phase of the project because it believes there is need for durable jobs in the suburbs.
The governor urged the contractor to employ youths from the state capital to be involved as they execute the project. “I am doing this for the township because you people stood by me all through the electioneering period.  This is a symbiotic relationship,” he said.
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