Why is heathy eating so hard?




We all know we should eat healthy. We even know exactly what to eat,
and when. So, why is it difficult to do and maintain after we start?

I can hear someone say, it’s too expensive, or too time-consuming.

The truth is, it’s not expensive, and it doesn’t take so much time.

Even though these two reasons keep coming up, they are not the
real reason you are finding it difficult to eat healthy.

I have a shocking insight to share with you, and it is the fact that
even health-conscious individuals, find it difficult to be consistent.

I for one have days that I cheat, and do not eat healthy.

This happens because it is very easy to slip into old habits when:

– you are under a lot of stress,

– you’re pressed for time,

– unforeseen situations come up

– you are on vacation

– you travel

– you eat out

Each of these situations can make one lose their guard and slip into
old habits.

So, how does one take care of these situations that stand in the way
of consistently eating healthy?

First of, if these situations arise, it’s important to forgive yourself,
and move on.

You’re not perfect, and some days you won’t get it right.

Next, it’s get a plan. This can be tough if you have a very busy or
tight schedule. Even if you’re busy please plan. Planning helps
you anticipate some of these things.

Third, make it a habit to prepare ahead. Sometimes this is referred
to as meal prep. I know power or light source can be a challenge
when doing this. (By the way, is it just me, but the month of April
and May light has been terrible?)

So, how do we get around this? A simple formula is to only buy
what you will use within the week. That way you minimize spoilage.

There are also a few more things you can do, that will make it easy
to stay consistent.

I found out that lacking these made it tough for me to be consistent.

1. The one thing we most times tend to lack while eating healthy is energy.
To prevent this you must eat enough carbohydrates.

We always talk about eating fruits and vegetables, so there is a
tendency to leave carbohydrates out, and this end up always feeling
hungry. If you are always hungry, you will blame it on the veggies
and after some time, you won’t eat it anymore

Energy is gotten from carbohydrates, so eat enough carbohydrates,
and you will not get hungry easily.

2. The right equipment: It is frustrating when trying to make salads,
juices, or smoothies and you have to make do with what you have.

For example, it can be stressful blending your vegetables, and then
sieving it to get the juice.

Or noticing that every time you blend hard vegetables in your blender,
the blades get stuck. Or the knives you use to chop are blunt, or you
don’t have a food processor, or grater so you have to cut everything
with a knife into tiny pieces.

Each of these examples waste your time, and discourage you from
making eating healthy a habit. Having the right utensils, makes your
food preparation fun and enjoyable.

3. The healthy meals are tasteless: This is very discouraging. You’ve
spent time making the meal and when you sit down to eat, you don’t
enjoy it.

This will discourage you from trying again. It becomes worse, when
your significant other or members of your family taste the food,
and refuse to eat.

I had this problem. This can be solved in two ways, you keep trying
till you master this new way of cooking, or you attend a class devoted
to teaching you how to cook healthy.

I’m sure you have a few more reasons why eating healthy is tough for you.

Please reply and share. Remember knowing a problem is a stepping stone
to solving it.

It’s your legal doc

Dr. Becky