Vandalisation: TCN contemplates using drones 


Transmission Company of Nigeria
The Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) is currently considering use of drones for monitoring of some of its installations at very dense locations nationwide.
Although TCN has not concluded on the available options for the protection of its transmission equipment nationwide, it said due to huge resources it would entail to acquire its own drones, it would either be on rent or contract basis, as the need arises, so as to minimise costs.
Seun Olagunju, TCN General Manager, Public Affairs, made the clarification, saying the proposed use of drones is only to cover some dense locations, where transmission equipments of TCN are, but not for the entire power sector.

She said: “It is not that we are buying drones. It is some sort of arrangement, whereby some people will provide it. The use is only for very dense areas, which people cannot easily access. But we are not buying drones.”
On whether it is TCN’s technical partner that is providing the drones, she replied in the negative. Although the exact value or cost of the vandalised equipment was not readily available, Olagunju explained that because of the timeframe of 18 months it takes TCN to replace vandalised equipment, people are advised to desist from the nefarious act.
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