Trump sacks defiant U.S attorney-general, ICE boss


United States President Donald Trump shook his administration on Monday with the sacking of the Attorney-General, Ms. Sally Yates, for ordering the Justice Department not to enforce his 90-day travel ban on nationals of seven countries.

Yates, had questioned the legality of the travel ban but the White House in a statement accused her of “betraying” the department.

Yates, whom Trump inherited from President Barack Obama, had directed the Justice Department not to enforce the president’s executive order.
She was swiftly replaced by the US attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia, Dana Boente.
The new appointee immediately ordered the department to enforce Trump’s executive order even as he expressed delight at being appointed to serve in that capacity.
Also sacked was the acting director of the U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Daniel Ragsdale, after a 10-day stint at the post.

The White House didn’t give any reason for the sacking of Ragsdale, who was the ICE deputy director, but simply announced that he had been replaced with Thomas Homan, the executive associate director of enforcement and removal.
Democratic Minority Leader, Senator Chuck Schumer, hit back at Trump, saying the “attorney general should be loyal and pledge fidelity to the law, not the White House. The fact that this administration doesn’t understand that is chilling.”

Nationals of Iraq, Yemen, Iran, Syria, Somalia, Sudan and Libya were on Friday banned frm entering the U.S by an executive order.

The ban has had ripple effects across the world, with the affected nations threatening reprisals while terrorists groups like ISIS hailed it as a victory over the United States, which they consider as a major enemy.



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