Trending story of Lagos girls sleeping with dogs is fake


A Twitter user took Twitter by storm on Thursday evening, claiming that he brokered a deal for a Lagos lady to meet with a rich man who ended up offering N1.5 million for the lady to sleep with his dog while he watched.

He claimed that it was now a trend engaged in on the Lagos Island and the payment for the act ranged between N1.2 and N1.5 million per dalliance with a dog.

He tweeted: “So Lagos girls are now having s*x with dogs for 1.5m per night. Angel Gabriel please blow the trumpet”

He released video evidence of his claims, showing the said act.

The story went viral and has spun several hashtags on Twitter, including “Doggy”, “Disgusting”, “Lekki”, “Sodom and Gomorrah” and “Na dog” among others, generating thousands of tweets in the last few hours.

However,’s investigations revealed the claims made by the Twitter user, @Justkingss are false.

The evidence he uploaded as footage of the dalliance between the dog and his client has been traced to a video uploaded on a zoo porn site over two years ago.

A little dig around on the net by our team yielded a tweet by another Twitter user naming the original site the porn was uploaded to as Zoopornmobile, with screengrabs showing the video that @Justkingss presented as evidence of the purported Lagos act of bestiality.

The clip was uploaded on the zoo porn site by a certain Ahmed over 2 years ago.