The Trump ban list and Islam


<br />US President-elect Donald Trump. PHOTO: JIM WATSON / AFPA few days ago, freshly-minted United States President Donald Trump released a list of seven Muslim countries whose citizens have been temporarily banned from visiting the U.S. As expected, the list has generated a lot of controversies from those who believe that the ban contravenes the basic principle of tolerance upon which America was built.
I am of the view that condemning the action of the U.S. president without taking a wholistic look at the issues which informed it amounts to playing to the gallery.
During the electioneering-campaign, Trump promised he would restrict Muslims’ coming into his country if he won the election. He campaigned and got elected on the strength of those promises. Which means, the American people who elected him actually wanted him to bar Muslims from coming to America. How can any reasonable person now expect the U.S. president to renege on his campaign promises to his own people just to please the world?  Is president Trump’s first duty no longer to the people who elected him?

Personally, I can never understand why those refugees would leave Saudi Arabia the headquarters of the world, Behrain, Kuwait, Iran, Lebanon and all the other countries with whom they share the same religion, language, culture and even common boundary and walk thousands of kilometres all the way to Europe and America, places with which they have absolutely nothing in common. The same America these people condemn on daily basis? The same America that is peopled by ‘infidels’ who eat pork and have sex with people of the same sex? I have never been able to understand this! And I really want to understand it.
Rather than joining the pseudo-moralists to lambast Trump for banning certain Muslims from visiting his country, we should look at the reasons that inform his decision which is the fear of those Muslims growing so bold and audacious to force their own lifestyles on his American people through violent means.
Not all Muslims are terrorists, granted. But, almost all terrorists that have ever carried out terrorist attacks in Europe and America are Muslims and almost all known terrorist groups in the world today profess Islam. This is a statement of fact, verifiable fact! So in all honesty, can we really say that Trump’s fears are baseless? We must do away with political correctness for once and tell ourselves the bitter truth here: Humanity has always been at war with radical Islam.
Granted, the number of those committing atrocities in the name of Islam is negligible when compared to the so-called genuine Muslims. Now, the question is, what do the so-called moderate Muslims do whenever the radical ones kill innocent people in the name of religion? The answer is nothing!
When a Christian woman, Mrs. Bridget Agbohime was beheaded in Kano by Muslim youths, what was the level of outrage from the Nigerian Muslim community. None at all! Even the president indirectly blamed the dead woman for not respecting the religion of her killers. As I type this, all the killers yet roam the earth as free men.
How many times have the so-called moderates protested against any of the numerous terrorist attacks carried out by their radical Muslims around the world?
But, now, they are all protesting against the Trump list even when it was their conspiracy of silence which connotes complicity in those attacks that birthed the Trump list.
As long as the larger population of Muslims who claim to be peaceful find it difficult to openly condemn the mindless bloodletting the few radical ones carry out in the name of a great, peaceful, the larger Muslim population will always remain irrelevant and the criminal activities of those few extremists will continue to determine how Islam is viewed by the rest of the world!
So, instead of wallowing in self-pity, the world needs to do more to combat Islamic fundamentalism. So far, all are not doing much in that regard. President Trump is not to blame. Radical Islam and the silence of the moderate Muslims in the face of the senseless killings are to blame for all these.
The earlier the world admits that something is fundamentally wrong with some teachings especially the violent tendencies and work towards genuine reforms to take out those violent elements and teachings from where terrorists have continued to draw their inspiration, the better for Islam and the rest of the human race!
Ogbu, a social analyst, wrote from Port Harcourt.

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