Team Qhubeka NextHash launches #QHandUp campaign to raise funds for 108 Qhubeka bikes


This year we’re calling on you to put your hand up for Team Qhubeka NextHash ( and Qhubeka. Our goal is to raise funding for 108 Qhubeka bicycles during Le Tour de France which will change the lives of 108 children in Africa.

To get the campaign underway, our eight participating riders all immediately committed to purchase a bicycle each; and now challenge all of our supporters and partners to get involved to continue to change lives with bicycles.

As part of the campaign, a special video has been released which can be viewed below.

Why a hand-up?

It symbolises how we are all connected to one another – in the toughest sporting environment – through the lows and the incredible highs. The hand defines who we are: it is our purpose.

The hand is symbolic of the Qhubeka logo, illustrating that bicycle beneficiaries are receiving a hand up in their lives, and not a handout. The hands on our kit are a reminder of our fans and partners around the world, who continually support us through the good and bad times, showcasing the true meaning of Ubuntu- I am because we are.

Our partners continue make it possible for us to change lives with bicycles, as together we continue to move forward in effecting meaningful change in the world.

A Qhubeka beneficiary puts their hand-up to earn Qhubeka bicycles. people earn bicycles through qhubeka’s programmes, whether through planting trees, recycling or giving back to the community.

How to get involved

  • Donate directly ( to the #QHandUp campaign.
  • Share our imagery and videos across your social media platforms.
  • Challenge your friends and family to show their support for the team by tagging us in images showing a hand up or by making a donation to Qhubeka and changing a life.
  • Develop your own fundraising campaign to support Qhubeka and Team Qhubeka NextHash.
  • Make use of our hashtags so that we can engage and share our message, together.
  • Tag us: #qhandup