Sympathisers stop female ABU undergraduate from committing suicide


Sympathisers on Saturday stopped a female undergraduate of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria from committing suicide.

The lady identified as Nafeesarh Abdul swallowed some pills and locked herself in her room at a private hostel in Samaru, Zaria when her suicide bid was apparently noticed by fellow students.

She had refused pleas from a friend to drop the idea, according to screenshots of an Instagram chat posted on Twitter.

A sympathiser subsequently raised the alarm on Twitter and some students were able to convince her to open the door of her room.

A Twitter user, Maryam Ado, said she sent her siblings to the scene and they got Nafeesarh to open the door.

After she had received counselling from a life coach, she was rushed to a hospital where the pills were successfully flushed out of her system.

Maryam added: “UPDATE: Nafisa has been taken to a hospital, has seen doctors (psychiatrist included), and is currently being treated to ‘flush’ the few pills she swallowed before we got to her. She’s absolutely stable now and getting some rest. God bless and heal us all in all ways. Thank you!”

Nafeesarh’s suicide post on Instagram



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