Sylvester Oromoni was poisoned – Autopsy report



An autopsy has revealed that a student of Dowen College, Sylvester Oromoni, died of “acute lung injury due to chemical intoxication in a background of blunt force trauma.”

A copy of the autopsy carried out by a consultant pathologist at the Central Hospital Warri, Clement Vhriterhire, was sighted on Saturday.

A medical expert, John Soper, said chemical intoxication or poisoning refers to a multitude of illnesses caused by the absorption of toxic chemical agents.

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“Poisonings may be acute, subacute, or chronic and may be the result of accidental or intentional administration.


Toxic chemicals may be absorbed by ingestion, injection, inhalation, or direct contact with the skin,” the expert said in a research work titled, ‘Principles of Medical Therapy in Pregnancy.

Sylvester was alleged to have died from injuries sustained in an attack by five senior students of the school for allegedly refusing to join their cult.