Soludo: Why I picked 80-man transition committee

Anambra State Governor-elect Prof Chukwuma Soludo in akwete attire


Anambra State Governor-elect, Prof. Chukwuma Soludo, on Thursday explained why he chose an 80-man transition committee.

He was speaking during the inauguration of the committee in Awka, the state capital.

He said it was meant to bring the “best hands” available together to help prepare the groundwork for his incoming administration.

The connicommis headed by a former Minister of Education, Dr Oby Ezekwesili.

Soludo said: “Yesterday, I inaugurated the Anambra 2022 Governorship Transition Committee.

This committee comprises some of Nigeria’s best, headed by our own Oby Ezekwesili, and Anambra is deeply grateful that they are sacrificing their time and talent pro bono, to help our journey to a liveable and prosperous smart city.

This is a friendly transition, it is an APGA government to APGA government, and we expect nothing except the level of cooperation expected among members of a family. That we are having this transition committee jointly being inaugurated, speaks eloquently of our intentions. It is almost like a combined transition committee and it is a testimony that this is a family affair.

Some commentators have observed that the number of the transition committee is large in their estimation, even without seeing the terms of reference, or the task, or that the members are offering their time and talent without remuneration as it were.

Some were already computing the amount of money that each of the committee members would be paid. If Anambra accepts to pay or remunerate the calibre of people here, I am sure even a world bank facility would not help us. Despite those observations, I must advise that they should feel absolutely free to bring anyone else that they feel can bring great value to their set task.

The global objective of the transition committee is to help the government and the governor-elect to achieve a seamless transition and we are ready to hit the ground running from day one. The task is elaborate, but three stand out.

First is to ascertain, certify the state of affairs, the short to medium term deliverables of the vision 2070. Second is to propose actionable agenda for the next administration, and third is to assist with a talent hunt to populate the Anambra change data bank.

We are open to seeking help and we will deeply appreciate advice and assistance of everybody to enable us deliver efficient and effective services to millions of our people.

While we will continue to be sensitive to politics, in a democracy, that is expected. We also know that the teeming millions just want public service to work and do not care who delivers them.

There are several members of this committee who I have never met, but their work and reputation found them. We are deeply grateful to all who have accepted to actually pay to serve. Some are even in opposition parties, but let me say that sound ideas and implementation have no political party badge or state of origin.

We envision an Anambra that will be the preferred destination in West Africa to live, learn, work, invest and relax, and we will welcome any and every contribution to make this work. Of course, Anambra is a state in the South East and is not an island unto itself, so we will seek the cooperation and collaboration of other states, especially South-East and South-South states, this will be critical for creating this prosperous homeland.

The times are hard and the immediate future will be challenging. Despite this, Ndi Anambra expect extraordinary outcomes, and literarily expect miracles, and we can’t let them down as no excuses will do.

We are determined to give it our all, mobilizing the creative resources of our people all over the world to create a befitting homeland. It is our collective dream and assignment. Given the pool of human resources in this transition committee, Anambra people will expect an exemplary report, a very illuminating one. I’m looking forward to using the report of this committee as a template to operate from day one.

Thanks Immensely.

CC. Soludo”