Shock, outrage as married woman assaults ‘husband snatcher’ at Lagos mall



Social media was agog on Wednesday with the viral video of a woman attacking a fellow lady at Ikeja Mall in Lagos for allegedly having an affair with her husband.

In the video, the married woman is shown bumping into the obviously younger lady and demanding an explanation on why she is befriending her husband.

Within seconds, she had started dragging the lady while shouting “husband snatcher” repeatedly.

The angry married woman then pulled the fajr-complexioned lady’s wig and dropped it on the floor just as shocked bystanders rushed to separate them.

She could be heard saying: “You are f*cking him, husband snatcher, I’m talking to you.”

Eventually, the attacker was subtly restrained by the crowd while the assaulted ladywsis allowed to flee.

The video sparked tons of comments and arguments as opinions differed on whether it was appropriate for a married woman to have confronted her husband’s alleged mistress.


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