Senior nurse locks doctor inside OAUTHC office



A video making the rounds on social media has showed the moment a female doctor was forcefully held hostage, confined and verbally assaulted by a Senior Nurse in the Female Adult Orthopaedic Ward at Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital, Ile-Ife, Osun State.

The video, which was obtained by The Eagle Online, had the unidentified Nurse saying not even President Muhammadu Buhari can do anything to her.

According to a male voice who addressed himself as the Chief President of Surgery, Dr. Adesunkanmi, he was called by a senior officer that one of the house officers was locked up by a nurse.

In a video, which was apparently recorded by Adesunkanmi, it was gathered that the female house officer had gone to the said ward with her team, which included different cadres of hospital officials, to carry out a procedure.

However, after the procedure, the team wiped the topmost part of the trolley clean and moved the trolley away, but the senior nurse insisted that the female doctor must clean the ward where the procedure took place.

The doctor was heard saying that he doesn’t know why they have attendants in the hospital if they can’t clean the procedure area.

In the heat of the argument, the matron walked in and asked what happened, but as the doctor was explaining, the nurse interrupted her, saying that she showed the female doctor the trolley but she refused to use it.

She also added that she knows her rights and would not unlock the entrance door except the female doctor goes back and pack the dirts, even if it is President Buhari.

Meanwhile, the doctor stated that the action of the nurse will cost the hospital a great deal because it is harassment to lock up a doctor.

He also noted that they have another surgery which was being delayed because of the nurse.

Also, the nurse told the doctor that if they want to do their surgery, they should pack the procedure waste.

All pleas by the matron and onlookers did not pacify her.

The video below:



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