Senator moves to end blackouts


A strong voice against incessant blackouts in Nigeria has arisen in the Senate, with a motion on Tuesday to end the menace.

Senator Nicholas Tofomowo representing Ondo South moved the motion for an end to a 15-year blackout in Okitipupa, Irele, Ilaje, Ese Odo and Odigbo local government areas.

Coming under Orders 42 and 52 of the Senate’s rules, he urged the chamber to intervene to end the blackout in the affected areas.

He lamented that over 90 per cent of the people had been denied of electricity supply since 2007.

He also wondered why an area hosting Omotosho power plant, in Okitipupa Local Government Area which generates up to 512.8 megawatts, had been thrown into darkness for so long.

He stared that an ongoing work by the Niger Delta Development Commission, under which a 132kva transmission and 132kv/33kv substation contract was began in 2013, had reached 85% completion.

He said all the 145 transmission line towers from Omotosho to the substation had been completed.

He added that the remaining work would enable the substation to supply power to the federal feeders in the affected local government areas.

The Debate adopted the motion and called for the speedy completion of the project before the end of 2021.