Secret of Obidient Movement in Nigeria



What is happening in Nigeria towards 2023 is spiritual but many people are not paying attention. Especially those who are fighting the movement are having different strange problems but the movement keeps growing. In the coming days there will more casualties, those fighting against the movement will suffer calamities of of unimaginable proportions.

Here are some of the issues leading to this movement. Over the years, Nigerian politicians and leaders have suffered the people immensely despite the fact that God has blessed their land. Nigerian leaders developed wickedness in their hearts against the people of God and they have gotten to the point where they see Nigerians as their slaves and see themselves as gods into Nigerians. They despise Nigerians, talk down on them, send armed security officers to kill them at will without mercy. One of them even recently said that Nigerians will labour until they die. And this is a man who is supposedly called a leader placing a curse on his people. But he didn’t know that from the moment he said that he brought a curse upon himself, because you cannot curse a people that God has blessed; he is traveling the same path with Nebuchadnezzar.

Many of these Nigerian leaders have made covenant with different demonic powers and some of them have the blood of innocent Nigerians on their hands. This demonic powers they have covenanted with makes them think they can do whatever they like and can do without the people.

Unfortunately, some ignorant persons are even helping them to promote symbols of demonic powers these politicians worship thinking they are political insignias. For example, one of them uses a demonic serpentine image as his logo framed in a manner that not many can easily dictate. These are the tools they use to make invocations to control the minds of people and they are willing to kill any soul to appease their gods.

These men have no conscience and no fear of God. But over the years men of God in Nigeria and some consciencious citizens have continued to pray for Nigeria. Many prophesies have gone forth before the nation and the overwhelming blood of innocent Nigerians killed over the years by some of these Nigerian leaders are now coming for the soul of Nigeria. Particularly in the year 2020, some of those now wanting to continue in power despite the many souls that have died under their administration conspired to shed the blood of innocent Nigerians on Lekki Toll Gate, in Lagos. It was their final attempt to absolutely emasculate the people of Nigeria and silence forever and rule over them. They succeeded partially but God using those courageous Nigerian youths who went to protest against being killed daily in different parts of the country exposed the evil leaders. All hell broke loose but not without many more innocent people killed by the heatless demonic politicians. They have tried since then to cover and bury that evil episode.

But the spirit of thousands of innocent Nigerians they have killed over the years and those of some of their political opponents who stood against their evil ways are crying for vengeance in the mix of prayers of poor Nigerians as the waters covering the seas.

The cosmos is charged, Nigerian youths and the oppressed masses are rising with unbridled energy despite how long they have been beaten down. Young people and ordinary citizens despite their poverty are defying the odds, defying financial inducements by demonic politicians and are going out there mobilizing towards the apocalypse. The more those demonic politicians try to mock or discourage them, the more they are finding unparalleled zeal to push forward.

At the beginning these demonic politicians tried to play on the people’s psychology by saying it was a social media noise. The youths and the masses did not pay attention. When they saw the people were not bothered they moved to the next demonic manipulation, saying those in the vanguard of movement have no PVC, notwithstanding the fact that millions of those pushing the new Nigeria project are already with their PVCs.

Despite that, millions of younger Nigerians coming into voting age poured out into the streets of Nigeria forcing INEC to extend voters registration.

So far, according to the demography of registered voters, 71 percent are young people. Except for few youths who are being lured by these demonic politicians with tribe, money and political appointments, majority of young Nigerians are standing together against the old order.

But like their master the serpent, they are now playing on tribal and religious sentiments of the people. With the much money they have looted they are luring some people using ethnic and religious division tactics which has been part of their strategy over the years. Notwithstanding the fact that Nigerians across ethnic and religious divides have suffered, been impoverished and killed irrespective of their ethnicity and religion.

THE GAME THEY HAVE LEFT IS DIVIDE AND CONQUER. But millions of young Nigerians are seeing beyond their noses. These young Nigerians are bounding together daily, their movement fondly called Obi-dients are breaking ethnic and religious boundaries, overcoming divisive tendencies that been built over the years by those demonic politicians that have held the country down for their own selfish interest. They have adopted a candidate they see as credible enough for their mission of taking back Nigeria. In less than two months their candidate Mr Peter Obi has become the most talked about politician not only in Nigeria but in the continent of Africa.

These Nigerian youths forced him literally to resign from his former party and join another party. They made it clear jokingly that even if it is”End Of The Year Party” it will be good enough.

Such confidence have never been seen before in Nigerian Youths. They were mocked for not having money or structure and they cared less. Everyone expected them to tag along with well established parties but they don’t want to have anything to do with those.

Their chosen candidate joined a literally unknown party and within twenty four hours the number of young Nigerians joining the party online crashed the party website because there was no capacity to handle it.

Today in Nigeria, Labour Party, which is the platform they have gone with their chosen candidate is the fastest growing party in Africa. They and their candidate is now the talking point of Nigerian politics. All other political parties and their financially induced agents masquerading as media stars and opinion writers now spend their entire resources attacking the movement because these youths are defying all odds.

Especially, the latest attacks are focused on dividing them along ethnic and religious lines by playing on those sentiments.

But what is happening from the South to the North is that the youth movement known as Obi-dient have broken the divide. The movement have brought young people from the south together with those from the north. It has brought Muslim Youths together with Christian youths. Their movement has exposed those demonic Nigerian politicians who have over the years continued to manipulate ethnic and religious sentiments of the people and have caused the nation a heavy damage.

It is movement that gets people excited. The older generation of Nigerians with love for the nation have bought into it and are backing these young men and women to go take back their country. That is making Peter Obi the candidate to beat. His candidature is also uniting Nigerians compare to others who are harping on ethnic and religious fault lines.

Nobody is doing for the other two major candidates, Tinubu and Atiku, what these young Nigerians are doing voluntarily for Peter Obi and the Labour Party.

But the issue is that something beyond the ordinary and Nigerians are fighting for the soul of Nigeria against established monsters. Peter Obi is just lucky to be used for the assignment.

More Nigerians across the country are joining the fight to take back Nigeria from the oppressors. The movement is beyond Peter Obi, he was not aware of God’s plan and he didn’t spend a dime.

Wait for more surprises in the days ahead.

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