Second passenger narrates Kaduna-Abuja train ride ordeal



A second passenger has taken to Twitter to narrate her ordeal after a Kaduna-Abuja train broke down at an intersection.

Writing under the handle @heeleroverall, the passenger Saud she was on the last rude from Abuja to Kaduna when the train from Kaduna to Abuja developed a fault on the interconnected rail.

“Yesterday, I joined the last train from Abuja to Kaduna and the one from kaduna to Abuja developed fault right on the interconnected rail so ours couldn’t move.

We stood there for over two hours and no one addressed us in the middle of nowhere……

“No one said anything until people got tired and went down to see for themselves what was happening.The journey of two hours lasted for four hours and some minutes.
They had to ask for the train heads from kaduna so as to replace the faulty one.

“We are facing this technical issues now that the Chinese are here what would happen when the contracts ends and they finally leave?

That’s not the annoying part
Apparently the PAS was working and few minutes after we started moving…

“A voice came attention passengers!!! And the announcement was for a misplaced bag!!! Can you imagine.

So it was working? We just did not mean anything as individuals to the @NigeriaRailway @KadunaAbujaRail for them to address us or even apologize for what happened.

“The worst is someone that came in the morning said the same train developed issues and the 7am train could not move till about 10am from Kaduna, and nothing was done they kept using it like that risking people’s lives.”

There was no response from the railway corporation.




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