N25BN scam: South American nation moves to arrest, repatriate fleeing Nigerian couple




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Parliament of Antigua And Barbuda has moved to arrest fleeing Nigerian couple.

Parliament of Antigua and Barbuda has moved to arrest a couple who is currently running with billions of Naira in investors’ funds.

The company named Imagine Lenders is managed by couple- Bamise Samson Ajetunmobi and his wife, Elizabeth, who have been both declared wanted for fraud.

Bamise Samson Ajetunmobi was a relatively unknown staff of a top Nigerian bank where he worked for almost a decade to start his Imagine Lenders firm around 2016.

The graduate of Banking and Finance from Madonna University, Okija first customers were his former colleague where he worked. Some of those who trusted him were also able to convince others to invest their funds in place of a 10 % monthly return on investment.

Like many other Ponzi schemes, his first investors were paid and on time. Word began to spread about his “honesty” that many others trooped in to invest their hard-earned money.

Gatekeepers News was first alerted by a concerned Nigerian whose family members have their funds in the scheme. “The couple can’t be reached, but my people have been assured that their funds are safe and that we shouldn’t alert anyone, but I doubt if that’s the best way to go”, said our whistleblower.

An Instagram user, @_trapselena_ alleged that Piggyvest and other top organisations in Nigeria invested in the company.

The user also mentioned, Daystar Christian Centre, The Elevation Church and also indicated that a petition has been filed with the EFCC.

The Elevation Church has denied losing money to the scheme while Daystar Christian Centre established by Sam & Nike Adeyemi in November 18, 1995 has also denied, but is yet to release any statement to the allegations.

Gatekeepers News also contacted the EFCC Spokesman, Wilson Uwujaren, to confirm if truly petitions have been submitted.

He said, “It’s difficult to confirm. Petitions don’t pass through my office and we receive hundreds of them across all our offices on daily basis.”

Antiguan Parliament On Couple’s Trail

In a video obtained by Gatekeepers News, a member of the Parliament of Antigua and Barbuda informed his fellow lawmakers about the Nigerian couple who are wanted by the Nigerian authorities for fraud.

The lawmaker stated that he’s put systems in place to ensure the arrest of the couple.

“I just saw an article about a Nigerian and his wife obtaining Antigua and Barbuda passports/citizenship under the CIP programme and they are now wanted for defrauding Nigerians,” he said.

“So, I’ve already put certain systems in place to ensure that if he’s [they’re] not here yet, that they [security operatives] could capture him [and his wife] on his [their] way here because Antigua and Barbuda won’t be a refuge for scams.”

He noted that the government’s Citizenship by Investment Programme, which requires a person to make a significant economic contribution to the country to be granted citizenship, was put in place to attract investments, not to be a refuge for crooks.

The lawmaker added that the country’s government will continue to do everything in its power to ensure that those who betray its trust will be returned to “whence they came.”