Sad day as airforce jet kills commanding officer, 30 soldiers



It’s a sad day for the Nigerian Army as no fewer than 30 soldiers and their commanding officer were killed in an airstrike targeted at Boko Haram and ISWAP insurgents on Monday.

The incident took place at Kaga near Mainok in Borno State when a convoy of soldiers ran into an ambush of the insurgents, who disguised as friendly forces.

The insurgents were also equipped with two stolen Mine-Resistant Armour-Protected vehicles and a Scorpion Armoured Personnel Carrier.

However, a reinforcement team heading to the spot from Ngandu was said to have been mistaken for the terrorists and fired upon by a Nigerian Airforce jet.

Sources said “the reinforcement team coming from Ngandu were believed to have been killed by friendly airstrike. All were reported to have been killed. The GSF lost about 30 soldiers today in this attacks.

“The Airforce [email protected] the Reinforcement team for BH as both were cladded in similar military uniform and operational vehicles. The MRAP being escorted by the GSF must have been lost to the enemy. Today’s BH attack was a big gain for the insurgents.”


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