Rey Mysterio vs Seth Rollins: Winner must remove opponent’s eye





WWE are taking wrestling to gory levels, as they pair Rey Mysterio and Seth Rollins in a July 18, 2020 bloody fight on Extreme Rules.

Rey Mysterio and Seth Rollins are going to attempt a first at Extreme Rules


Mysterio has chosen to face Rollins in an ‘eye for an eye’ match and according to WWE’s website, that means to win the match, a superstar has to extract the other one’s eye.

“The Horror Show at Extreme Rules added a new level of terror as Rey Mysterio and Seth Rollins will meet in an Eye for an Eye Match. Mysterio teamed with Kevin Owens to defeat Rollins & Murphy for the right to choose the gory stipulation where a winner can only determined by extracting the opponent’s eye.”

Pretty conventional stuff then, eh?

Seth Rollins tried to blind Rey Mysterio on RAW.

This story has come about because Rollins drove Mysterio’s eye into the ring steps a few months back and he has been on the shelf since.

While the story has been kept going thanks to Mysterio’s son Dominick, the legendary luchador is now back and ‘medically cleared’ to compete.

According to Dave Meltzer, Mysterio isn’t even under WWE contract right now.

It’s understood that his current deal has lapsed and he is working on a fee per appearance basis right now.

Rey Mysterio with his son, Dominick, who started at the PC in January 2020


There would be plenty of interest in Mysterio if he did decide to take his talents elsewhere, even at 45 years old. Mysterio asked for more money from WWE when the contract ran out, but Vince McMahon decline, citing the global pandemic as a primary reason.

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He’d no doubt take his son, Dominick, with him wherever he went and he has been training at WWE’s Performance Center.

However, Meltzer has speculated that WWE will indeed work out a deal to keep them around.