Power surge destroys Abuja residents’ properties

NERC electricity

For many residents of Wuye District, a popular area located in the Central Business District of Abuja, their experience patronizing the Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC) in the last three days, is one which can be described as terribly agonizing.

The last three days is also an ugly chapter which they will live to remember for the rest of their lives.

Reason: persistent and sudden power surges in the AEDC transformer serving the area not only burnt their electronic gadgets, but also destroyed many other valuable items at the Wuye residents’ homes.

PRNigeria, gathered that there has been reported cases of intermittent power surge by residents of the area since Saturday.

The abrupt surges, it was learnt, burnt several household electronic equipment such as phone chargers, electric fuses, washing machines, refrigerators, cookers, laptop, computers and television sets, among others.

Some houses were equally disconnected from the grid as a result of damages done to wires connecting them to mounted electric cables.

A resident, who simply gave his name as Mr. Mohammed, told PRNigeria that virtually all his household electronic gadgets have been destroyed beyond repair.

“As I speak to you now I have lost every valuable electronic gadgets in my house. It is phone chargers belonging to me, my wife and children? Is it our laptop chargers, refrigerators, TV? Name them,” lamented Mohammed.

Another angry resident, Mr. John Paki, said the power surges may have been caused by failure on the part of the AEDC to carry out periodic study and necessary maintenance on their area’s transformer.

He pointed out that the incalculable damage caused by the surges to the residents may have been prevented had the AEDC promptly reacted or responded to the distress call by his fellow residents at Wuye.

“The power surge incident is just, and purely a case of crass negligence of duty by the AEDC officials. You don’t take for levity calls of distress by your customers. That shows that you don’t only have scant regard for them, but also you are very unprofessional and totally incompetent to do your job,” noted Shuaib.

As for Hajiya Sadiya, a mother of five, the AEDC officials should personally visit their area and tender an unreserved apology to them over their ‘callous insensitivity’, which not only damaged their properties, but also endangered their lives too.

She urged the AEDC officials to speedily rectify the problem affecting the transformer to forestall a recurrence.

Investigation by PRNigeria revealed that most of the residents of Wuye have been using their generator sets to power their homes, since they began witnessing the ‘destructive’ electric surge since Friday.