Police, civilians injured as Shiites ‘attack’ National Assembly


There was confusion and pandemonium on Tuesday as members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria attempted to invade the National Assembly to protest the continued detention of their leader, Ibrahim El Zakzaky, his wife and hundreds of followers.

The Shiites were confronted by the police and in the ensuing melee, a policeman lost his rifle while gunshots rent the air.

A policeman was injured in the proc as and rushed to hospital.

The Shiites, as they are popularly known, had held a number of protests in Abuja to demand the release of their leader.

He had been granted bail by some courts but the Federal Government refused to honour it.

His followers claim that Zakzaky has been poisoned.

This is even as Iran warned President Muhammadu Buhari not to allow the Shiites leader to die in custody.




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