Why I pay graduates N250,000 monthly, says Ahmad Sani

Ahmad Sani

A former governor of Zamfara State, Ahmad Sani, on Tuesday said graduates working on his farm earn N250,000 each as his way of encouraging their dedication to duty.

In a post on Facebook, titled ‘Dedication to Duty’, the ranking senator narrated a story of one of his farm managers known as Gowon, whose dedication to duty was quite impressive.

He also spoke of how he assisted Gowon to complete his house in his village as a way of rewarding his diligence.

He therefore urged Nigerian youths to imbibe the culture of diligence and hard work.

The post reads:
“When Gowon came to work as my farm manager some years ago, I noticed that he would work from Monday to Saturday without much break. He would go to church on Sundays and come back to the farm almost immediately. I couldn’t fail to see his dedication to work.
From 30,000 birds, we moved to around a quarter of a million or thereabout. The farm grew without much supervision from me. Salaries were paid from the farm and everything went well.
Gowon’s family remained in Kogi his hometown and he took days off to be with them from time to time and sometimes they would come to stay with him at the farm.
Then one day, some people came to tell me that Gowon was secretly building a house in his hometown but didn’t want me to know. So I called him to ask him why he didn’t tell me.
I asked how far he had gone and what was left. I got the estimate of the building materials needed to finish the building. I immediately transferred it to him. It was my joy when he finished the house and showed me the result.
I have four hundred youths working at the farm and I am always so delighted that with them at the farm, nothing can go wrong. In their own individual ways, they are protecting my investments. From my own end, there is no graduate at the farm that earns less than N250, 000 per month because they work and I see results.
Whether people are watching or not, do your best, grow whatever is put in your care and be dedicated. Dedication to duty pays.”

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