Organ harvesting: Court denies bail for Ekweremadu, adjourns till Oct 31


Former Deputy President of the Senate, Senator Ike Ekweremadu, is going to spend more months in London prison custody in the United Kingdom (UK), following the adjournment of his case to October 31, 2023.

According to the new dates of the trial, Senator Ekweremadu might remain in the UK prison till next year.

His case trial according to a plea and case management hearing, has been moved to October 31.

Judge Richard Marks QC stated that the case would be heard by a High Court judge.

Mrs Beatrice Ekweremadu, on Thursday made an appearance at the Old Bailey for a plea and directions hearing, while her husband, Senator Ekweremadu and Obinna Obeta attended via virtual from Wandsworth and Belmarsh prisons.

At today’s proceeding, the judge allowed Mrs Ekweremadu to continued to enjoy the conditional bail but remanded Senator Ekweremadu and Obeta, a 50-year-old London doctor involved in the case, in custody.

Ekweremadu had pleaded “not guilty” to the charges brought against him.

Ekwewmadu’s lawyer, Martin Hicks, QC, defending the Senator said, “We deny that there was any exploitation or any intent to do so. The argument will be factual denial”.

Senator EKWEREMADUs and Obeta are facing trial for plotting to traffic a man to the UK and harvest his organs.

According to the prosecutors, the suspects were charged for planning to remove the kidney of an underaged boy at the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead, North West London, for transplant to their daughter who suffers from kidney failure.

The complainant had refused to accept to the procedure after undergoing tests. The alleged offences were said to have taken place between between August 1 last year and May 5.

The boy on 5 May 2022, presented himself at Staines Police Station and alleged that he was moved into the United Kingdom for the purpose of having his kidney transplanted to the daughter of the defendants.

“He arrived on 20th February 2022 and was taken to Royal Free Hospital where tests were conducted. For the purpose he was there he did not consent to the taking of his kidney.

“He returned to the house he was staying and his treatment changed dramatically. He described being treated effectively as a slave,” Prosecutor Tim Probert-Wood had said.

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