‘Olomoro monarch is alive not dead’


The Odiologbo of Olomoro kingdom, HRM Josiah Umukoro Aghaza 1 (third left), Omosioni Aghaza 1, Josiah Umukoro, son to the monarch (second left), , acting president general Olomoro,Mr. Vincent Edewor ( left) and Council of Edio of Olomoro kingdom at Ikiagbodo Olomoro, Isoko South Local Council. PHOTO: Michael EkokoruweThe monarch of Olomoro community in Isoko South Local Council of Delta State, Josiah Umukoro Aghaza 1, the Odiologbo of Olomoro kingdom is alive and not dead.
The community, represented by the Edio-in-Council chiefs; minority leader, Isoko South Local Council, Kingsley Obeidoko; acting President General of Olomoro, Mr. Vincent Edewor, and others refuted the rumours making the rounds that the monarch has died.
The monarch, dressed in traditional attire, was surrounded by notable members of the community. People that heard the rumours of his death thronged through the crowd to catch a glimpse of him.

Earlier, a letter purportedly announcing the monarch’s death, which was signed by Canaan Odiki, was addressed to Sir Ithiako Constantine Ikpokpo, Chairman, Isoko South Local Council, dated February 13, 2017.
A copy of the letter was also received by Mr. Vincent Edewor, acting President General, Olomoro Community Development. It was presented by Kingsley Obeidoko.
It read: “The entire members of Odiki family of Ekrogbe write to inform the Chairman, Isoko South Local Council and other security agencies, that the Odiologbo had died on July 22, 2016 and the son stepped in as a regent for the period of six months. The next oldest man in the community will be crowned as the Odiologbo of Olomoro kingdom.”
Odiki family alleged that the first son of the Odiologbo had been concealing his father’s death and preventing them the right to ascend the throne.
The statement added that the council chairman should prevail on Josiah Umukoro Omosioni Aghaza 1 to hand over the thrown to Odiki family, Ekrogbe Olomoro, since his father had died on July 22, 2016, stressing that the regent was likely to cause a breach of peace in Olomoro community.
When contacted, council chairman, Isoko South, Sir Ithiako C. Ikpokpo confirmed the letter, adding that he has sent his Special Assistant, Mr. Philip Odudu, to ascertain the report. The Oleh Divisional Police officer, DSP Muazu Muhamed, who also received the letter, visited the monarch at Ikiagbodo Olomoro and found him hale and hearty.
The royal majesty, while commending the edio-in-council, chiefs and community leaders for their fact-finding visit, threatened to use law enforcement agencies to seek redress and guard against future occurrence.
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