Nollywood actress, Omoni Oboli: I weep for Nigeria, I weep for my generation


Nollywood actress, Omoni Oboli, has expressed sadness over the bickering among Nigerian youths and called on the people to join hands to effect real change.

Oboli, who said she was breaking her vow not to comment on affairs in Nigeria, said she could not totally shy away from events in her land of birth.

Writing on Instagram, Oboli called on Nigerian youths to stop fighting among themselves and brace up for the challenge of leading the nation.

She wrote: “Dear Lord, on this beautiful Sunday that you created, I want to commit Nigeria into your hands. I know I have said I will never again get into the affairs of this country but as this is the land of my birth, I will pray. Give us love for ourselves. Make us realize that when we fight ourselves or people who genuinely want to help us, we will never get out of the mess that we are in. My heart weeps for my generation cos as much as I want the leadership of this country in our hands, I fear that we might not be ready and that saddens me.

“We need to prepare ourselves! We HAVE to stop fighting ourselves! Let’s come together as one! If we as the people have one voice, we can truly effect change. My heart weeps for this country. I’ve decided I will keep doing my work, keep creating as many jobs as I can and helping as many as I can while God does what I have come to accept that only He can.” ?#GodBlessNigeria #ActorScriptwriterProducerDirector #NollywoodInvestor #OkaforsLaw #TeamOkaforsLaw #InCinemasNationwideFromMarch31 #Anticipate #SomethingMAJORIsComing



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