VIDEO: Nnamdi Kanu to followers: Remain calm and peaceful




Leader of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, on Tuesday urged his followers to “remain calm and peaceful.”

Kanu spoke after he was denied bail yet again by a Federal High Court in Abuja.

It was his first interview since he was abducted by Nigerian security agents in Nairobi, Kenya in June last year.

He said he was not discouraged at the verdict of Justice Binta Murtala-Nyako.

Many, who was in high spirits and dressed in a white designer outfit was interviewed shortly after the court session.

Asked by the unidentified interviewer if he was disappointed at the verdict, he said: ” No no no, not at all. Why should I be? It’s what we expect to happen. But I want our people to be very calm. I want Biafraland to be very calm. Calm and peaceful. Calm and very very peaceful.

“We are fighting to defend our people. Not to kill them. We are fighting to defend them. That’s why I’m here. And we will continue to do so until we get victory.”


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