Nigerian woman sues ex-husband for publishing her nude photos, videos


A Nigerian female poet, Sheefah Zarma, has sued her estranged husband, Ibrahim Abubakar Lajada, for allegedly publishing her nude photos on social media.

Sheefah issued her decision on Instagram after her nude pictures went viral some days ago.

Narrating her ordeal in a series of posts, she said she and Lajada got married on July 7, 2018 at Sultan Bello Mosque in Kaduna but their union broke down some months later.

She said the United States-based husband also had a Pakistani wife and four children.

She also said he had a Yoruba mistress known as Kehinde.

Sheefah alleged that she sold her jewelleries in order to provide money for their Islamic wedding Nikkah as her husband said his accounts were frozen for some unnamed issues.

Describing him as a front for several politicians, she stated that he abandoned her since August when he returned to the United States while she was receiving threats from people who claimed he was owing them huge sums of money.

She accused him of engaging in unnamed illegal acts for which she reported him to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

She stated that he vowed to retaliate by not granting her a divorce even though she had asked for it.

She said she proceeded to court to seek a divorce but her husband did not show up.

After three hearings, she said she was granted a divorce on December 27, 2018

Sheefah said she took his two cars alobg when she was relocating to her parents’ home after returning his bride price.

She said she decided to hold onto the cars (a Mercedes Benz and a Peugeot car) until he returns the money he borrowed from her.

The poet said she did not hear anything from him until June 23, 2019 when Kehinde aka Kenny sent her a blackmail message with her nude pictures.

Continuing, she said Kenny sent her some “sensual videos” on WhatsApp, which she identified as recordings she had forwarded to her estranged husband during their short-lived marriage.

“Most of us young people of nowadays do that with our spouses. Never did I see divorce coming.  Never did I remember divorce exists. I felt it was a sign of love between couples and since he is your husband, why should you not trust him?” she stated.

Sheefah alleged that Kenny said she bought the Mercedes Benz car from Ibrahim and wanted to take possession of it.

“She (said) she urgently needs those cars and if I decide to be stubborn, she will send my videos to blogs and post them online, to defame him and make it seem (like) this is what I send to rich married men,” she said.

Sheefah said she decided to “sue Ibrahim for blackmail, defamation of character and breach of trust; for trying to blackmail me with contents he had when we were married.

“He knew my reputation matters a lot to me so I chose to come out unapologetically to defend myself.

“In case any of you sees a video of me in yellow dress or black jumpsuit or any sensual piece of mine in lingerie, know that it is my ex-husband trying to blackmail and defame me.”

There was no word from either Lajada or Kenny on the matter.

Meanwhile, Sheefah has said she will go ahead with an earlier scheduled show on Saturday despite the scandal.

She posted a number of poems on Instagram depicting her travails and how she had healed fast.






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