Nigeria warns China: Stop maltreating our citizens


The Federal Government has reacted to the alleged videos of maltreatment of Nigerians in China due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Earlier reports showed that Nigerians in China were being displaced from their hotels by Chinese officials.

According to videos that surfaced online, Nigerians were seen left stranded on the road with their luggage’s after being sent out from their hotels.

However, Foreign Affairs Minister of Nigeria, Geoffrey Onyeama met with Pingjian on Thursday to discuss the issue of maltreatment of Nigerians.

Onyeama, on his Twitter page, said he met with Pingjian on Thursday to discuss the issue. He called for immediate intervention of the Chinese Government on the issue.

He tweeted: “Invited the Chinese Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr Zhou Pingjian to communicate Nigeria’s extreme concern at allegations of maltreatment of Nigerians in Guangzhou, China and called for immediate Chinese Govt. intervention,”

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