Nigeria, varsity workers discuss alternative payment system


Minister of Education, Adamu Adamu, has said the new payment platform, University Peculiar Transparency and Accountability Solution payment platform before the commencement of its ongoing strike.

Receiving the document, Adamu stressed the need for NITDA to carry out integrity tests on the platform before other actions.

Nigeria, varsity workers discuss alternative payment system
Minister of Education Adamu Adamu

“The ministry and the government are always open to new ideas. I must also tell you that I am not an expert to know that this one is workable or better than what is already available or better than what is being proposed by ASUU, but what I know is in the end, we probably have to accept the situation and your own platform may have some edge in a particular area, UTAS may have an edge and then these two platforms can be used to make Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System better.”

Earlier, the President of SSANU, Mohammed Ibrahim, said the platform was made in such a way that it would accommodate all the stakeholders in the university system, academics, non-teaching staff and academic technologies.


Ibrahim said, “We joined hands with the government to give IPPIS a try, believing, according to the government, that it was going to fight corruption. We went through IPPIS from the first month to the fourth and there about, it was full of inconsistencies.

“Our members could no longer bear the inconsistencies and within us we found out that we have technical and ICT experts that could help us to develop an alternative to IPPIS, which is the U3PS; where we believed that all the IPPIS inconsistencies would be resolved.”