Nigeria: One killed as Nigerians attack South African businesses




One unidentified person was shot dead and a Nigeria Police van was burnt as angry Nigerians attacked South African businesses across parts of the nation in protest at xenophobic attacks on foreigners.

Angry crowds attacked offices of telecoms giant, MTN, in Apapa, Uyo, Ibadan and some other cities.

They also attacked locations of South African retail outlet, ShopRite, in Lekki, Surulere, Ikeja and Ibadan.

The situation at Lekki got tense as the police were unable to control the surging crowd.

In the process, the police fired live bullets at the crowd, killing one person and I hiring others.

Witnesses said the protesters then burnt a police patrol van and attacked motorists on Lekki-Epe Expressway.

There were reports that protesters later invaded ShopRite and carted away various items.

Some others destroyed items on display.

In Surulere, motorists were attacked and windscreens of vehicles smashed after police prevented protesters from gaining entrance into ShopRite.




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