New special marshals charged on service


FRSC personnel at work PHOTO: thenationonlineng.netNewly inaugurated Special Marshals of the Federal Road Service Corps (FRSC), have been charged with true service and responsibility as an approach towardsboosting economic growth and development.
Isolo Unit Commander, Asst. Corps Cmdr. HauwatOlowookere who made the call during the inauguration of over forty-six (46) Marshalls in Lagos noted that volunteerism and citizens’ responsibilities were vital requirements to development which involved safeguarding the lives of the citizenry.
According to her, Special Marshalls are volunteers who provide professional services to their communities without payment because these services are priceless.

“It is a call to duty, service and exemplary life and not an undercover to break set down rules and regulations.You should be ready to contribute not only your time and talent for the work, but also finances to enable FRSC to achieve its mandate and be the best in Africa”, she said.
She noted that road safety is not a responsibility that should be left only to the regular marshals (FRSC officials) as it requires assistance, understanding and collaboration of all Nigerians.
“Road safety should be shared responsibility better carried out through mass volunteerism.We need more volunteers and sacrifices from professionals to keep all road users alive,” she added.
She further called on Nigerians to be willing to volunteer themselves towards national growth and development as exemplified by the role of special marshals.
State Coordinator, the Lagos State Special Marshall, Mr. OlusolaOlojede hinted that the duties of the Marshalls are guided by interest, commitment and dedication towards the work.
Remember it’s a volunteer work and as such there should be no agitations for benefits, no comparison or whatsoever with the regular officers, your dressing is very important, use your kits appropriately to command respect and obedience when necessary”, he stated.
He further advised them to remain steadfast and ensure that they did not create loopholes for bad eggs to infiltrate.In his response, the Course leader, Mr. Mike Idoko promised their willingness to serve and make a safer and better society.
We are poised to enhance traffic management, ensure reduction of road accidents to the barest minimum and as well contribute positively to policy formulation and implementation that would aid in promoting good road cultures”, he added.The special marshals’ scheme was established in 1989 as a voluntary service to complement the activities of the FRSC.
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