Multichoice condemns South African xenophobic attacks




Multichoice has condemned the xenophobic attacks against foreigners in South Africa.

The South African entertainment company in flashes on its various subscription channels on Monday.

It, however, avoided using the word ‘xeonophobia.’

It reads; “Multichoice condemns violence against Africans in South Africa.”

Some South African companies operating with n Nigeria had shut down their services temporarily last week after MTN, ShopRite and Game stores were attacked at different locations.

The South African High Commission also shut its missions in Lagos and Abuja for similar reasons.

The xenophobic attacks, which claimed 11 lives and led to the arrests of 85 suspects by South African Police Services, spurred retaliatory actions in several African countries.

Some Africans countries also withdrew from the September 4-6, 2019 World Economic Forum in Cape Town.

Nigeria’s claim that it withdrew from the forum and recalled its high commissioner to South Africa was later found to be false.




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