Monday Wisdom by Obi Cubana



Good morning my fellow Nigerian youths.
Today let’s talk about RESISTANCE TO DISTRACTIONS.

Distractions are those things that prevent someone from giving full attention to something else.
Getting distracted is one of the biggest challenges for our productivity. It has literally become part of us and most times, we don’t know it.
The world we live in is constantly demanding our attention but for us to be successful, it’s imperative that we remain FOCUSED on our goals.

Identify the challenges & time wasters that are preventing you from achieving more. When you allow things like social media, gossips, tv, trolling etc to distract you, you will not reach your destination.
Stay away from gossip! Yes, it might sound cool to be “up to date “ on the latest gist about whoever. Unfortunately, gossip will never be something productive so why waste your precious time & energy with it?

Also give no heed when they troll & gossip about you. Be addicted to bettering yourself. You will accomplish your goals faster. You don’t get anywhere answering every dog that barks on your way. Learn to stay calm and not react to the relentless bombardments. Staying calm is key to making good decisions in the heat of the moment. Be in control of your emotions always. Never let the world around us dictate your actions.
Guard your FOCUS like a million dollar suitcase!! Remember, where your attention goes, your time goes. Starve your distractions & feed your FOCUS. Intentionally eliminate those distractions that are making you lose focus on your journey to greatness.
Challenge yourself TODAY!
Now let’s get some work done, it’s Monday!!!?