Missile hits commercial oil tanker on Ukraine’s coast



Missile hits commercial oil tanker on Ukraine’s coast

A missile hit a commercial oil tanker while it was in international waters in the Black Sea, Moldova authorities said.

The country’s naval agency said the vessel, Millennial Spirit, a Moldova-flagged tanker, caught fire after the missile strike. The fire destroyed the ship’s lifeboats, and the ship’s crew abandoned the vessel with life preservers and were later picked up by Ukrainian rescue vessels, Moldova said.

A Ukrainian company operates the vessel, but its crew is Russian, the naval agency said. Moldova said it didn’t know who fired the missile. The Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine separately blamed a Russian warship. Two crew members, including the captain, were in critical condition, the Ukrainian ministry said.
On Thursday, a projectile hit a vessel chartered by one of the world’s largest food suppliers, Cargill Inc., off the coast of Ukraine in the Black Sea. Minnesota-based Cargill, which operates an export terminal in Ukraine, said the ship is seaworthy and no one was injured.

– Dow Jones