MFM to launch 25 soul gospel singers



The Mountain of Fire Ministry is set to launch 25 soul gospel singers from the church.

The General Overseer of the Church, Pastor Daniel Kolawole Olukoya, represented by Pastor Samuel Oleyede said MFM is known for prayer and deliverance, “but this time around, we want to lift souls through our music.

“We are coming out for body of Christ to know what we are blessed with in the ministry. While, Olukoya himself is a musician who has composed about hundred songs, now God has brought out another psalmist tagged: “New song in my mouth.” The song is an inspiring one, as a result of that, we are launching 25 artists.”

Pastor Olukoya said such a thing has never happened in our church before. We want to launch them out to be blessing to the body of Christ. We want people to know we are not just for prayer and deliverance alone.

“We are using the music to take 25 people out of the street and reposition destiny in the church. The song will help a lot of people who are depressed and lift a lot of souls. We placed premium on spirituality, whoever that listens to the music will feel God’s presence and its impact all through.

“One of the basic reasons we are launching on December 4, at Eko Hotel and Suite is to make them compete with other artists outside. We want to showcase the talents God has blessed the ministry with, God brought out the psalmist from the praise and worship group of the church. It is not just about singing a song, it must be an inspiring one.

“The music must sound spiritual and impactful also not to entertain but to minister to people, it was when the announcement was made that people started to come out across the country. What we are doing has never happened in the history of any church by launching of 25 artists at the same time. We are launching them out to be a blessing to everyone and shouldn’t be us alone. We want the world to know we are not for deliverance alone and we are also good in music.

“The basic reason for the music is to take destiny out of street and reposition the destinies for better and promote them for better.”

According to the Psalmist Coordinator, Pastor. Paul Winners, the music from the artists is a soul lifting and impactful one.

“We want people to come and see what God has done in the life of our ministry as we present talented artists who are going to lift souls through their music and inspire others.

He said: “The artists are wonderful teams, we are inviting the bodies of Christ, people from outside the world will attend the launching and will we all rejoice together and happy.

“This is the first such magnitude of artists are coming out for a launch, the music will lift the souls and inspiration of the listeners, whoever that listens to it will experience deliverance and breakthrough through the song.

“When you are talking about MFM, you will be talking about prayer and deliverance and in the area of music, most of the songs are of high spiritual benefits to the depressed souls. The song is going to meet our spiritual needs, also the music is not just to entertain you but to praise God and lift souls.”




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