Mercy Aigbe begs Toyin Abraham’s ex-husband: Forget the past



Delectable Nollywood actress and producer, Mercy Aigbe, on Friday begged Adeniyi Johnson, ex-husband of Toyin Abraham to forget the past and move on with his life.

Adeniyi and Toyin were married in 2015 before allegations of infidelity wrecked their marriage.

Despite attempts to patch things up, they finally broke up in 2017 while attempts to formalize a divorce dragged.

Toyin Abraham, who changed from Toyin Aimakhu after her split from Adeniyi had been previously romantically linked with a fellow Nollywood actor, Seun Egberongbe, until he got into trouble for alleged theft.

Adeniyi Johnson and Toyin Aimakhu on their wedding day


After breaking up with Adeniyi, she hooked up with an Ibadan lawyer but their affair did not last.

She then got engaged to a colleague, Kola Ayeyemi, for whom she just had a baby boy.

Toyin Abraham and her new husband Kola Ayeyemi

Adeniyi sent a surprise message on Instagram on Thursday to Toyin and her new husband, wishing them happy married life and congratulating them in the birth of their baby.

In response, Aigbe wrote a passionate Instagram message to Adeniyi on Friday.

She stated: ” Dear @adeniyijohnson, I’m proud of you… May the Lord continue to lead us in the right paths and bless all our endeavours in Jesus name! And I say let the past be past. Let love lead.”




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