Married for 63 years, died days apart from Coronavirus


A devoted couple who were married for 63 years died within days of each other after developing coronavirus.

Clive Hubbard, 84, had a fall at home in Lowestoft, Suffolk and wife Doreen, 83, suffered dehydration, with both spending time in hospital.

Mrs Hubbard died of Covid-19 at her care home on 17 April. Her husband passed away eight days later.

Their daughter, Lorraine Radway, said: “I’m devastated that they had to die alone.”

“Theirs was a true love story – they absolutely adored each other,” added Mrs Radway, who lives in Carlton Colville, near Lowestoft.

“It was so upsetting that we could not be with them when they needed us most.”

Her father had visited his wife every day at her care home in nearby Oulton Broad, having previously looked after her when she developed Alzheimer’s.

On 16 March, he fell and dislocated his shoulder and was admitted to the James Paget Hospital, in Gorleston, Norfolk, where he needed surgery.

Daughter Lorraine said it was awful the family could not be with Doreen and Clive when they needed them most.

Mrs Radway said he developed the symptoms of Covid-19 during his month-long stay and was unable to see his wife when she became ill.

She was brought to the same hospital for dehydration and would go on to suffer virus symptoms.

“Dad was on a ventilator after his operation. If not, he could have been to see her. He never got to see her again,” said Mrs Radway.

Image caption The couple, pictured at a wedding anniversary party, were devoted to each other, their daughter said
He was sent home on 17 April, the same day his wife died – without her family or husband by her side due to lockdown rules.

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Grieving the love of his life and with his symptoms worsening, Mr Hubbard was re-admitted to hospital on 21 April.

His daughter was hopeful he would come home and had a video call with him on 25 April.

“He was on a ventilator so he couldn’t really speak to us,” she said.

“We told him we loved him and we wanted him to get better.

“He died the same day.”

A joint funeral will be held on 27 May, with the family keen to commemorate the couple at a later date.