Mala Buni hands over APC chairmanship to Abdullahi Adamu



Yobe State Governor Mai Mala Buni on Wednesday handed over the reins of leadership of the All Progressives Congress to the newly elected National Chairman, Senator Abdullahi Adamu.

Buni, who had been the acting chairman of the APC Caretaker Convention Extraordinary Planning Committee since June 2020, handed over to Adamu at a ceremony at the party’s national headquarters in Abuja.


Adamu accompanied by members of the National Working Committee (NWC) received instruments of office from Buni during the handover ceremony.

In his remarks, Buni said: “Let me use this opportunity to congratulate you on your well-deserved victory at the National Convention. And also I want to thank the former Caretaker Committee members who did their best to make sure that the Party from where we started ended well at the National Convention.

“And above all Mr. President whose support we enjoyed to ensure that we reposition the Party to what it is today. And to the entire membership of APC family and other leaders for various roles they have played in ensuring that this Party is growing.

“I want to also add that as members of the National Working Committee (NWC) of the Party, you have a herculean task. First, to sustain the gains and coming at a time when this Party will soon start its nomination processes. Obviously, the task before you is enormous.

“We have done our best in the membership registration exercise. We have done the Ward, Local Government, State Congresses and up to the National Convention. That cannot be without problems here and there. But, by and large, we have succeeded.

“We can say we have recorded 70% success. A bigger and larger political party like APC with over 41 million membership.

“Part of democracy is to agree and disagree at some points. But it is all about human management. The ability to manage the situation is what will keep this party together and stronger again, and again.

“So, as at it is and as members of NWC, you should study Mr. President’s speech and that should be your guide. And also, I want to thank you most importantly for this opportunity all your efforts both individually and collectively for making our task easier throughout our stewardship.

“I hope and pray you will build upon where we stopped. Because APC as it, we are all witness to what happened at the National Convention. One will say, it is unprecedented because the attendance and orderliness has shamed the naysayers saying the Party will implode.

“So, with this few remarks, it is my singular honor and privilege to be here today. Thank you.”

Responding, Adamu said: “It is only through God that we have emerged as the new National Working Committee (NWC) of our great party.

“Now, it looks so simple. But it is not our doing but the doing of Almighty God who made all this possible.

“A month ago, I didn’t know I will become the Chairman of APC. Here I am today, receiving the instrument and authority from the outgoing Chairman. Only God can do this. It is not my personal wisdom nor my charisma. It is not personal doings. There may be elements on the way but all this was made possible by the endorsement of Almighty God .

“Let me thank President Muhammadu Buhari who gave us a lot and so much that happened during the National Convention. First my address goes to God Almighty then to our Leader and father of the nation, President Muhammadu Buhari and other eminent leaders of this party that put heads together to make this possible. May God reward them.

“I want to say on behalf of the new NWC that it is not going be a easy time for us. We have a major event that is going to test the water on how stable we are as a party. That is the general election that is coming. For me, by the time, we start working, our main task will be how we handle the elections as a party, how we will win the general election. People are talking, APC does not have an incumbent on the ticket. We will have the honor of the integrity and the legacy of the current president on the ticket.

“We will work day and night. We have less than 12 months to face the general election. So, everybody should buckle up. The little I have heard about the President is that he has complete allergy for failure. So, failure will not be in APC from today. We will work for success together. To my colleagues, if there is any issue, don’t begrudge me, let me know.

“I promise you in the spirit of collective leadership that team is the only way. I cannot deliver alone. What I am asking for is something called ‘loyalty’. You have to be loyal. You must have one team. If you bring division tendency, we will deal with it. This country is greater than any one of us. And this party is bigger than any single member of this party. So, that is the spirit I am taking the leadership of this country.

“The Chairman of CECPC just handed over to me. I thank you for more than words can express… And I want to appeal to you like I told you during my speech after the National Convention. I will be counting on you.

*APC Chairman Condemns Kaduna Train Attack*

“It is unfortunate what happened to the train in the two days ago. We have not gotten the exact figures yet. But whatever it is, it not ideal to lose any life, not to talk of lives. The loses as a party, we regret it. It is our hope that we will get the actual story of what has happened shortly.

“The number of fatalities have not been officially announced. We don’t have the figures to address the specific issues. But as a ruling party, we sympathize with family and relatives of those who have lost loved ones.

“And we will not stop because something is looking very strange to me. But Nigeria will overcome all of this.

“The timing of these events are quite disturbing considering the economic situation of the country. And we are not going to go all out and start crying. We will have to face the situation more squarely. The attention is on terrorists. And I think we need to look beyond terrorism. Something is amiss somewhere. And we will stand up for the government and support it in different ways we can. And then see to the end of it. This will not be left entirely to the military operation. They are doing very well.

“We are not fighting a conventional war. So, it is difficult to pass judgment. But all I have to say is that we appreciate our men in uniform. They are doing their best. This not just terrorism simplicitās as lawyers will say. I will dig into it and see what we can do.

“We will try as much as possible to see what exactly is going wrong with our security infrastructure. And some have said it is infiltration and they have done so much harm. Because it is not conventional war you don’t easily plan it. You don’t say they are going to be here or there tomorrow. You don’t plan it. Because you don’t know because they work with the devil while we work with God.”