Life of Doubles (OPINION)




Life is full of doubles. No good story comes one sided no matter how truthful and genuine. We are naturally wired to see good things through the double lenses of positives and negatives; even when there is no need for it, we create one for self Interest.

Even the death and resurrection of Jesus as good and salvivic it sounded were not without its double stories.

By the way isn’t the bible, the acclaimed word of God full of double stories. If it is true then, nothing under the sun evades the sharp arrows of the tragedy of double stories of human mischief.

Until one gets stung by this tragedy, the pains, the betrayal, the embarrassment and the mockery experienced by victims of this tragedy will remain a ferry-tale to one. A trial will convince one.

She was bright right from her primary school days. Her brilliance never waned even when challenged with the academic stress of University curriculum.

Made first class in both her under graduate and graduate degrees. She was strong willed, poised and determined for success in anything she laid her hands on.

Her climb on the ladder of her career was metoric and meritorious too. Her works and track record of brilliant stewardship were amazing. Then the tragedy of the double story of her life emerged from the blues when she contested with her other male colleagues for the DG position.

She won, suddenly another side of the story of her wining emerged– the bottom power double story. So tragically coined and crafted, her real self ( brilliant and determined self) gave way for the other unfounded narrative of bottom power.

The double story of bottom power for women and money ritual for men are so tragically recurrent, once it is played against anybody, the very biased and envious minds seem to dance its bad and mischievous tunes.

Can a woman out of sheer dint of hard work excel without bottom power? Are there possiblities of making wealth, riches, hitting the zenith of ones career without the tragedy of distructive double stories playing out?

When things don’t get through the way we desired, when our preferred candidate loses out in a race for a competitive position, when our colleagues, friends and contemporaries get chosen ahead of us in a contest, do we acknowledge their enterprise, diligence, brilliance and hardwork or do we invent malicious tragic double stories to undermine them?

In a race for competitive positions no matter how perfect and transparent the process is, the lost-out would always play up the mischievous second story of either bottom power or Political power play.

We don’t lose fair and square in any contest, there must always be a reason for our lose, however, in some cases such there are obvious reasons to believe such power plays.

Life is so deep, deep enough for one not to know how deep it really is. With our imagination we get things conjured to make up for ones inability to see through the depth of life.

For days now the emergence of Prof Nnenna Oti as the VC of Federal University of Technology Owerri ( FUTO) has generated a lot of second stories.

In such a choicy and apparently juicy contest, the lost- out would always cry foul.

No winner in such a desperately sort after position goes home with his/ her troupy no matter how meritoriously earned without the bruises and stains of the tragedy of double stories.

What exactly is the tragedy of the double story of her emergence as the VC of FUTO? Less qualified, academically a minion, bottom power syndrome, Political game plan etc.

However the pendulum of this win was swung, it wouldn’t have gone without a double story tragedy.

To those who lost out, to those whose preferred candidate wasn’t the anointed one, invoking the power of the double story tragedy to undermine the process might not be the best. A show of sportsmanship by accepting defeat in all its odds will be the best approach. Tomorrow is bright, it might turn out to be your day.

Congratulations Prof Nnenna Oti! You are already on the path of history. The whiteboard is blank, the indelible marker is there, whatever you write on your board of stewardship becomes either your stink or your fragrance for life.

*I certainly do not envy you*!

Grace will help you!

#Jarlath Opara