Katsina: Villagers kill police officer



The police in Katsina State have accused the people of Goya in Funtua Local Government Area of stoning a policeman to death.

The accusation followed a raid by the police on the village in search of suspected criminals, BBC Hausa reports.

During the raid, the villagers accused police of firing on one person and injuring others, as well as smashing vehicles.

However, police said the attack was carried out by locals who beat and stoned the officer to death.


According to sources, the police and locals had been engaged in a face-off since April 23, 2022 when detectives invaded the village in search of a suspect.

Residents said they saw some armed men at night in a car, noting that they did not look like security guards.

One man said many were in a panic because the armed men threatened to attack them.


“They went to the house of someone they suspected of being an informant. They were terrified. People came and we’re asking about what was the matter,” a villager said.

He said the shooting was to reassure residents that the men were thieves.

He said residents noticed that there was no evidence that they were security personnel and that the vehicle they were carrying had no licence plate number.

It was later that it was discovered that he was a security guard, according to a resident:

“The area commander was called and said he did not know they were coming. All those who should have been called said they did not know they were coming,” he said.

A Goya resident also told the BBC that the incident involved two of his relatives whom he said were being held by security forces.

“We wrote and made a statement stating that all the people who did this will be brought to justice. They later entered the town unexpectedly and when they got in my brother’s car they followed and shattered the glass.

“Our grandmother went into her room and yhey threw tear gas at her,” he said.

However, the Katsina State Police Command said the residents of the town deliberately prevented the security personnel from carrying out their duties.

Police spokesman SP Gambo Isa said they had lost one police officer in the attack.

“They got into a fight with the villagers and the leader of the team, Inspector Sada Abubakar, tried to explain it to them but the villagers attacked him, beat him and killed him,” he said. him.

He also denied claims by residents that security personnel were not wearing uniforms.

He said the slain officer was wearing a royal robe.

The Katsina State Police Command said more than 30 people had been arrested but more than 19 had been released, and nine of them were in custody.

She said they would be arraigned in court upon completion of the investigation soon.