Kaduna-Abuja train breaks down on night trip



Passengers were grown into panic mode on Friday night after a train on a night trip from Kaduna to Abuja broke down in a forested area.

No explanation was given for the development, according to a tweet by Olushola Olufolabi.

It reads: “Kaduna to Abuja train breaking down in the middle of nowhere.

This was last night. Train broke down between Kaduna and Abuja and nobody explained what’s going on to the passengers. No communication, just silence‼ much ado about railways achievements ‼‼ babanla nonsense ‼‼”

He also posted two pictures of the stalled train and panic-stricken passengers, one of whom had his hands on his head.

Panic-stricken passengers on Kaduna-Abuja train after it broke down on Friday August 2, 2019

In response to the tweet, a Twitter user with the handle @kuffvin said the two new locomotives launched by President Muhammadu Buhari on January 4, 2018 have broken down.

He said he ones currently in use were bought by ex-President Goodluck Jonathan when the railway was being built.

He wrote: “Truth is, the two new locomotives Baba launched on January 4,2018 have grounded.the locomotives presently in use is what GEJ bought that was used for the construction of the Abuja-Kaduna railway.but what do i know,Amaechi is an achiever.”




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