Journalist accuses Seun Kuti of brandishing gun at Facebook partygoers






Afrobeat artiste, Seun Kuti, has come under fire after a journalist, Temitayo Ayetoto, accused him of brandishing a gun at Facebook partygoers in Ikeja, Lagos on Saturday.

He was said to have been annoyed at the blocking of his street by attendees at the event held on Akin Osiyemi Street off Allen Avenue.

The journalist said she saw when Seun and some suspected thugs attacked a driver for blocking his gate.

Other commentators on the thread said they fled after h wrong gunshots.

Seun, however, countered the allegations by displaying an Instagram he someone he described as a neighbour, in which he was praised for the way he handled the situation.

He did not, however, address the specific allegations raised by Temitayo.

The thread reads: ”

SEUN KUTI pulled out a gun over a street parking matter in Ikeja tonight, personally assaulted the car owners attending the party, used thugs to assault them and called them gluttons at a paid event…I saw it happen.

“It was abt 7pm when I decided to stroll out of the Lagos Facebook Hangout party held at 16, Akin Osinyemi Street, off Allen Ave, Ikeja. Outside the building where I stood, I couldn’t help but shift attention to the man in an armless top & slightly over the knee trouser, raging.

“He was mad that the party attendees littered the street where he obviously lives with their cars – a genuine concern (his gate was affected). There was a resident stranded in his car trying to access his compound but couldn’t.

Kuti’s fury leaped & began to ridicule the guy who block the access. Whether the guy knew or not that it was Kuti, he screamed back, asking him to take things easy before he leaves.

Next thing: Some three guys left Kuti’s side and rushed the guy with slaps and blows, while Kuti also landed him a heavy strike on his head amid screaming. This guy retreated, almost crying. He moved his car. But it wasn’t enough.

Kuti continued to rage at other car owners until one of the organisers, MM, showed up. In the middle of the effort to pacify, one of the bouncers told Kuti to calm down…

Next thing again, Kuti’s thugs rushed at the bouncer for such effontery. That’s where the party scattered.

This time around Kuti went into his compound and brought out a SHORT BLACK GUN! He was attempting to cork it but paused again… I called my friend that we needed to leave immediately.

I knew trouble was looming on a large scale when the guy who was earlier assaulted returned to the scene. Barely 30 minutes after we left, I got feedback from people at the party that there had been a gunshot, forcing everyone to scamper…

I’m shocked that Kuti will rather make his point with a gun than engage the organisers…seeing him in the movie ‘Citation’ & how he found his voice during #EndSarsProtests reinforces the feeling that things aren’t what they seem. KUTI was a thug to behold.”

However, in a tweet in pidgin, Seun said: “D message below na from one of my neighbors for our street in regards to wetin happen, if yur story na true, den how come my neighbors post dis to thank me for im Instagram. Abeg who send you come?”

Respondents expressed divergent opinions on the matter, with some blaming the artiste and others defending him.

Some respondents, who said they actually witnessed the incident, corroborated the journalist’s account.

One of.ghem, Vasily, wrote: “But you pulled out your gun, shot twice.
Your guys were there
Segun and the other boys
And one of your guys hit the bouncer on his face.”

Another tweet by Aganga-Williams Oluwafemi reads: “I was there, I wasnt told

Seun Kuti shot multiple times.

We had to run into the compound and locked ourselves inside

Some people ran out and went home

Seun Kuti ruined our party. So much for being a Legend’s son.”

Also commenting, Ola Ju Moke wrote: “The Gunshot was the only reason I left the party earlier than I planned. The fact that he is even one to run mouth on government issues, even made it more appalling.”