Johnson Suleiman: How I made my millions


Controversial senior pastor of Omega Fire Ministries, Apostle Johnson Suleiman, on Tuesday said he became a millionaire at 19.

He was responding to a criticism of his tweet challenging the American media for attacking United States President Donald Trump.

The tweet subtly hinted at Suleiman’s acquisition of a private jet through inexplicable means.

The tweet by Prince Adediran states: "They are practising true democracy in America….. there are ethics… it’s not Nigeria where jobless thieves can buy an aeroplane without any means of income than using Jesus name from Israel."

Suleiman responded by saying he made money from selling cocoa.

He said: "Iliteracy is a does this correlate with tweet?..for your info, I became a millionaire at 19. I was moving cocoa in trucks to the North as a are BLOCKED’s a token of my love."