Is pain stealing from you?


Good Morning, has this or something similar ever happened
to you?

There’s a brief you are working on, that will bring in at least
3 million Naira. It only makes sense that anything that will
stop you from delivering on this brief is removed quickly.

That’s the way any legal professional will feel.

So it’s natural that once you have unbearable pain, either in
your fingers, wrists, back, or neck you look for a quick alternative.

That alternative is usually a pain killer.

Pain killers are great. They quickly take care of the pain and
allow you to focus on your work.


The problem is the more you take them.

The more your body wants more and more.

After a while, the dose you take is not effective. You need a
higher dose or a stronger brand of pain medication.

That’s what happened to Mr. Tunde the night he stayed back
to work.

Just when he was getting into his work, the pain started. First as
a tingling sensation then it became throbbing and finally, it was
difficult to ignore.

He quickly took a pain killer to get on with his work, but not up
to 30 mins of taking that pain killer the pain came back.

A part of him said just stop, go home and rest you’ve had a
long day.

Another part of him said you’ve got a deadline to meet and
there’s money to be made. Don’t let what happened a fortnight
ago repeat itself.

A fortnight ago he lost a client because he could not deliver on
time. Sure he had a subordinate working with him, but he could
not fulfill his part.

The reason why he couldn’t deliver was that, he had excruciating
pain, and was forced to take some strong medications which sent
him to sleep for a little longer than usual.

Back to our story

So he popped another pill.

Sure he knew he shouldn’t do this, but he couldn’t let go of the
thought of losing N3M.

So why are pain killers so appealing?

Simple they are instant remedies.

In our busy world, we prefer instant, quick remedies to lasting
long-term remedies.

We see the immediate reward we seek getting away from us,
and anything that can quickly get us back on track we run to.

What Mr. Tunde and many others fail to realize is this;

Pain killers after resolving the pain go to the liver where they
are broken down. The liver then finds a way to remove the
harmful substances gotten from the pain killers.

If it can’t remove these harmful substances immediately, it
stores them till it can remove them.

Now, if you take pain killers once in 2 or 3 months, your liver
will find a way to remove them, but when it’s a frequent occurrence,
you are giving your liver too much work.

So yes, pain killers give instant and quick relief, but what they
take from you, in the long run, may not be worth it.

Another thing about pain killers is that, your body over time gets
used to them. So, if you’re someone that has to use them often,
you will start increasing the number of pain medications you take,
or you will look for more powerful medications to take.

We all know drugs, though initially good, can also act as potential

So what are you doing to your body?


You’re destroying it.

You’re also unconsciously setting yourself up for challenges with
the liver.

Liver challenges always demand a lot of money remedy, and many
times, when you realize the damage that has been done it’s too late.

So what’s the option?

We all know Study and research = money.

Natural remedies though great for the body, are too slow for our
fast-paced lives.

How do we deal with this inevitable issue that comes with the
legal profession?

We have to stop here, the email is getting too long.

Next week we will talk about it.

Your legal doc

Dr. Becky