I’d have put Anthony Joshua in a casket – Jarrell Miller


Smarting from his botched plan to fight world heavyweight boxing champion, Anthony Joshua, last June, American pugilist, Jarrell Miller, claims he would have sent his rival to an early grave.

The two fighters were looking to take on each other back in June 2019. However, testing positive for several performance-enhancing drugs (HGH, EPO, and GW-501516) rendered Miller unfit to participate in the event, Essentially Sports reports.

Andy Ruiz replaced Jarrell Miller only with a month to spare. However, the Mexican-American fighter managed to pull off one of the biggest upsets in heavyweight boxing history as he dropped Joshua 4 times and knocked him out for good in the seventh round.

Jarell Miller

Early this year, the Brooklyn born fighter signed a co-promotion deal with Top Rank, who happen to co-promote AJ too. Following which Miller made big claims that he would have put up a better show compared to the one Ruiz put up.

“I would have put Anthony Joshua in a casket. I would have put a hurting on Joshua so bad that he’d never look in my direction again. So I had his number. A lot of people don’t know that Andy Ruiz asked me to come out for sparring,” Miller tells Behind The Glove

Jarrell Miller Had the Perfect Gameplan in Mind
Joshua’s performance against Ruiz left the undefeated American less than impressed. Miller firmly believes he would have inflicted much more damage than Ruiz had he been in the ring instead.

Going into his blighted fight with Ruiz, Joshua was carrying a lot more muscle mass than usual. The extra mass proved to be detrimental to his performance and left him unable to dodge Ruiz’s shots efficiently.

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Anthony Joshua

Miller claims Joshua’s burly frame would have left him vulnerable to his strategy, “I think it would have hurt him even more. He would have been a sitting duck. And he doesn’t have better legs than me, and he doesn’t have better hand-eye coordination than me. He doesn’t come forward like me. I’m a bull.”

AJ is looking to defend his heavyweight title against Kubrat Pulev at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on July 25th. However, the date remains tentative because the fight could be postponed due to the Coronavirus.

On the other hand, Jarrell Miller is not slated to take on anyone in the near future. However, he hopes to be back in the ring sometime this year.