Huawei unveils mobile payments, microfinance solutions





Huawei jas launched a financial inclusion solution that helps financial institutions provide fast and affordable services.

Huawei will continue working with ecosystem partners and using new ICTs to advance mobile payment and build a prosperous business ecosystem.

Banks use mobile payment and micro finance solutions, including cloud technology and SaaS, to build tailored business models and a thriving ecosystem on super apps. Huawei’s financial inclusion solution covers mobile wallet, mobile payment platform, super app open framework, and financial product platforms. With these, banks can quickly introduce various financial services.

At HUAWEI CONNECT 2021, Huawei addressed the future of digital transformation across industries from three perspectives: scenarios, models, and ecosystems. Huawei launched 11 new industry solutions, one of these being the mobile payment and micro finance solution. The latter uses new technologies to help financial institutions around the world advance mobile payment; connect users, merchants, channel partners, and developers; and build a prosperous ecosystem.

Huawei provides multiple channel technologies (SuperAPP, HTML5, carrier USSD, Agent, and open API) to help banks reach their customers faster and at a lower cost. Huawei also supports smaller merchants in upgrading their digital operations through tailored apps; these also help banks outside China develop agent networks to reach customers online and offline. With Huawei solutions, financial institutions can design a complete online customer journey and deliver better customer experience.

Carriers outside China have a massive number of users, so they have the driving force for business growth and the pre-requisite for monetization. However, they are lacking a platform to connect with banks. The financial product platform helps carriers recommend users to banks, which can in turn provide embedded financial products directly to users.

There are several types of developers, including those of global leading service systems, local services, and intermediate services such as small plug-ins. Huawei provides a cloud-native SaaS solution, which supports iterative innovation and open APIs. This enables other SaaS partners and different ecosystem players to connect on the HUAWEI CLOUD platform. Banks and partners can easily explore new services and quickly aggregate diverse ecosystems to successfully launch joint projects.

Huawei’s financial inclusion solutions have already been successfully implemented in several countries.

Huawei is committed to advancing financial inclusion. It has thus far served over 30 sites across more than 20 countries, covering 300 million users in regions like Southern Africa, North Africa, and Asia Pacific. Huawei aims to deliver convenient and diverse financial services to everyone. Using its advanced connectivity and platforms, Huawei helps financial institutions build digital business processes, implement digital financial inclusion services, and achieve sustainable financial development.

News Source: PR Newswire Asia