How to make Ofe Owerri







Assorted meats, chicken, catfish, offal, stockfish, dried fish,
1 bit of uziza, ugu and ukazi leaves to get a handful, seasoning
Palm oil, ogili, salt and pepper, cocoyam, water
Bulgur wheat in place of semo

Start by soaking your stockfish for around an hour. After that peel and cook your coco yam until it is very soft; then pound it in a mortar until the paste comes out smooth.

Wash the meat or chicken very well before putting it in a pot; season it to your taste, add a little water and cook till almost soft and edible. Add the stockfish, dry fish. Wash your cat fish with ACV to kill any form of bacteria.

When you have confirmed that your meat is done, you can add your washed cat fish and leave to cook for 4 minutes. Then you can add pepper, crayfish and palm oil.

After about 2 minutes, add coco yam in bits and leave to dissolve. Put shredded leaves, ogili and salt to taste, stir and then leave to simmer for about 5 minutes.

Bring down your pot of nutritious Ofe Owerri because it is ready for consumption. I prefer bulgur wheat as swallow… Enjoy!