‘How SMEs can leverage technology to beat recession’


For businesses, especially the Small and Medium scale Enterprises (SMEs) to stay afloat in 2017 and weather current economic recession in the country, they would need to invest more on technologies. Nigeria is said to have over 17 million SMEs.
For visible effect, experts have canvassed a robust online presence and activities for SMEs, amidst other technologies including Artificial Intelligence (AI) to drive growth.
According to CityNG, an online business network, organisations must be ready to leverage on technology via online presence, to stay afloat. The firm stressed that for the economy to fair well this year, it will largely dependent on the capacity, technology innovation and ingenuity of economic managers and business owners to explore digital frontiers, especially disruptive technologies.

It is on this regard, that CityNG is looking at playing a huge role by helping businesses, especially the SMEs to reach the global market through home grown technologies. The firm, which is also into software development, said it will assist SMEs by profiling them on its website.
According to the Chief Executive Officer CityNG, Emmanuel Onafowokan, the rationale for platform is to help business succeed and create innovative brand perspectives that deliver competitive advantage and inspire creative thinking.
“At CityNG, our goal is to support and promote successful entrepreneurship by introducing business owners and seasoned professionals to the World Wide Web(www) and technology innovation as a means of accessing user-friendly global networks to market faster and gaining a wider customer base, hence higher revenues and stability.
“It is almost impossible to remain relevant in any business today without an online presence, which fosters human potential by creating helpful, meaningful services that fulfill human needs across an avalanche of digitized environments.
“We are passionate about inspiring and supporting the growth of business owners to utilise the World Wide Web to promote their business and take advantage of a global market as digital interfaces get faster and automated in a rapidly changing technology”.
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