How pint of Guinness, eggs brought me back from the dead – 79-yr-old widow


A pint of Guinness combined with three raw eggs saved the life of a retired pub landlord who was just hours away from death.

Maggie Ives, 78, who had chronic kidney and cardiovascular problems, was placed in a nursing home earlier this year for end-of-life care.

Fearing she might not make it through the night, her family was encouraged to begin making funeral arrangements.

However, the lifelong smoker was able to turn the situation around and fight back, in large part because of a reliable “little drink.”

The Parkinson’s patient Maggie declared, “I’m a medical miracle.” I have the impression that I have survived death.

“Subie,” the woman who accepted me, bid me farewell that evening. She didn’t anticipate my morning appearance.


I received 133 various antibiotics by drip. Even worse, I had no idea where I was. I don’t recall anything about the ambulance driver picking me up or anything.

“After I survived the night, I asked the staff if I might attempt an old recipe I used to make when I was feeling down years ago.


I never stir it; I just pour the eggs in and drink it. It is effective.

I requested Guinness and eggs as soon as I woke up at the nursing home following my stay in the hospital, and days later I began to feel better.

Although the personnel is wonderful, I really believe in my favorite beverage.

But I made it through the night, and ever since I started taking my home cure on a daily basis—sometimes more than once—I have never felt better.

Widowed Maggie had a pelvic fracture in February while residing in sheltered housing in Malvern, Worcestershire.

With numerous other medical issues, she was sent to Henwick Grange and received palliative care.

Next month, Maggie, a former nurse who is also turning 79, said, “I can’t even tell you what hospital I was in.”

All I can say is that I spent 22 weeks there. I continued entering and exiting my state of consciousness.

“I was dreaming,” I said. My life was about to end. My sister and brother were summoned so they could go to the undertaker and document my death.

“Since moving to Henwick Grange, my outlook on life has changed significantly. The entire team, from the laundry lady to the cleaners, from the carers to the administration, is excellent.

“I order whatever food I want.” I eat scampi every day if that’s what I want. They are all really considerate. Even today, I can walk again. I haven’t gone for a stroll in two years.

I’m staying till they make me go. My house is here. To me, they are angels. I’m as content and energized as I’ve been in a long time.

She was under palliative, end-of-life care, according to Susan Mitchell, also known as Subie, a nurse assistant and acting deputy manager. She kept getting better and better. She is very tough. She has a spirit that inspires me.

“I have never witnessed a turnaround this spectacular before.”

Business development manager Lisa Odlin stated: “Our ethos is for our house to be a home away from home.” Our culture is upbeat, inclusive, and open.



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